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Video: How Microsoft Office abuses its developers and how Add-in Express stops this

If you have any experience in developing solutions on the Office platform, you have most likely learnt that Office has the tendency to abuse its developers. One of the main reasons for this is that Office is comprised of several different applications like Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and Word, and each of these applications has their own object model that you need to understand and master when building your solutions... Read the rest of this entry →

Video: Create an Office shared add-in – building advanced task panes and advanced Outlook regions, using advanced controls

I admit it…it's been awhile since we published Part 1. So I don't blame you if gave up hope of ever seeing Part 2. But I'm here to tell you that you have not waited in vain because today we present to you Part 2 of the Create an Office Shared Add-in series... Read the rest of this entry →

Advanced region events: how to know that the user expanded your form?

Hello folks! Through our forums and e-mail, we are frequently asked questions like this by our fellow developers: How do I know that the user expanded my Add-in Express form? In this article, I will cover the events that are raised when the region is expanded and other events that occur when the region's state is changed... Read the rest of this entry →

100% version neutrality for your Office extensions

Finally, when you completed your add-in, there is no need to build separate setup programs for different versions of Office. Generating a setup program is as simple as right-clicking your project in the Visual Studio Solution Explorer and selecting Create Setup Project from the context menu... Read the rest of this entry →

Video: Create an Office shared add-in – building the GUI

I like to tinker with new technologies to see what they can do and how I could potentially use them in the solutions I build for my clients. A lot of the times my tinkering never leads to full understanding of the technology. In such cases, I don't blame myself nor my sometimes fickle love for the latest shiny bits... Read the rest of this entry →

Video: Build and control Advanced Task Panes in Add-in Express 2010

What I really write about today is the topic of Office task panes. Office 2003 calls them action panes. Office 2007 and 2010 call them custom task panes. At Add-in Express , they are known as Advanced Task Panes. What are they?... Read the rest of this entry →

Controlling Outlook region’s state and form’s size in Add-in Express 2010

Here I will tell you how and where you can control the state of the regions where a custom task pane or an Outlook region is located, and also show how you can control the size of those forms... Read the rest of this entry →

Video HowTo: Create advanced task panes in Excel, Word and PowerPoint (Delphi)

As you probably know Add-in Express for Office and VCL allows creating advanced task panes for MS Excel, Word and PowerPoint 2000-2010. Today we'll develop a single add-in project that supports Excel, Word and PowerPoint... Read the rest of this entry →

Video HowTo: Support Office command bars and Ribbon UI in one add-in project (VB.NET)

Add-in Express supports creating COM add-ins for Office 2000 - 2010. Office 2000, XP and 2003 have a traditional command bar-based user interface, while Office 2007 is partially and Office 2010 is fully ribbonized. "How is it possible to support both types of user interfaces in one COM add-in project?" you may ask... Read the rest of this entry →

Advanced Office task panes and Office 2010 – first view

Advanced Office task panes in Office 2010 have no principle differences from those of any other Office versions, they just work and that's it. That's why this subject is so arid, that I won't get back to it anymore. However, after scrutinizing all the above screenshots, I see that we will definitely ennoble certain "pixels"... Read the rest of this entry →

Video HowTo: Resize Advanced Task Pane programmatically (VB.NET)

To resize your custom Office task pane, you need to use the trivial Width and Height properties of the particular instance of your task pane. There is just one important thing - the Splitter property should be set to None... Read the rest of this entry →

HowTo: Register your MS Office add-in with WiX

If you are using Microsoft’s WiX toolset to build a setup for your Add-In, then there are several ways to register the Add-In. I’ve seen examples that use a custom action to call RegSvr32.exe to do the registration. But since RegSvr32.exe does nothing more than calling the DllRegisterServer function of our Add-In, why not calling that directly from a custom action?... Read the rest of this entry →

Add-in Express 2009 – Beta 1 Word and PowerPoint capabilities

Keeping up the development of Add-in Express most in-demand features, we tweaked the Advanced Task Panes for working on Microsoft PowerPoint and Word. Early in the morning today, I wrote the previous sentence, captured and pasted the above screenshot and realized that there is nothing more to write on this issue... Read the rest of this entry →

Add-in Express 2009 – Beta 1 what’s fixed

As compared to the previous generation, Add-in Express 2009 doesn’t contain revolutionary changes or enhancements. We have not rewritten the core code completely, the major part of the time was spent on the most in-demand features, such as Outlook view and form regions and Excel, Word and PowerPoint task panes... Read the rest of this entry →

HowTo: Store Microsoft Office documents in your custom data storage

One of the tasks that developers often run into is saving and retrieving Office documents (or document copies) from external data storage. This storage can be an SQL database, Web-service, FTP server as well as a shared network resource of a local area network. Let’s try to handle this task for such popular MS Office applications as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook…... Read the rest of this entry →

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