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Are you thinking of buying Add-in Express? Have any hesitations or doubts at the moment? This is normal, we all weigh pros and cons before making the purchase decision. This page will definitely help, no marketing blurb here, just real stories from real people, starting from freelance developers, microISVs and small business owners to top-ranking managers of big companies. After you are done, you will hardly need any more arguments in favor of Add-in Express :)

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If you're developing Office add-ins, you're simply crazy to do so without Add-in Express

Joe Zuffoletto, President

We have been incredibly impressed by your products here at FedEx Technology Services!

Micah Bell, Customer Technology Advisor
FedEx Services

Add-in Express reduced our development time to a fraction of what it might have been

LJ Morris, CTO
SmartSearch Inc.

It would have been less painful if I had used Add-in Express from beginning

Fabian R?ken, Founder
Arbeitsblatt Profi

Leveraging Add-in Express saved me thousands of dollars!

Stan Chevski, Freelance software developer

I recommend that anyone developing COM add-ins stop wasting time and use Add-in Express

Jeff Richmond, CTO
Computer Solutions Engineering

If you're not tired of hearing this yet, this is one of the best APIs I have used

Patrick Kelly, Senior Software Developer

We can recommend Add-in Express without any hesitation

Alexander Dickbauer, Software Product Development Manager
KeyQUEST Marktforschung GmbH

Without Add-in Express SDK, we could never have succeeded!

Charles Steinhardt, CEO

With Add-in Express I was able to focus on the core functionality of my application

Jack Bretcher, President
Sonoma Enterprises, LLC

I will never attempt any Office-related development without Add-in Express!

Martin Kirsten, Software Developer

Add-in Express was the solution to all our add-in problems

Sean Williamson, Technical Director
Codis Ltd.

Best of all is not that it is working flawlessly. The support level is outstanding!

Thomas Wetzel, CEO

Quite simply the only choice in Office add-in components

Bruce Dyason, CEO
Business Productivity Group

We don't know what the result would be if we hadn't found Add-in Express

Gatis Zeiris, Development Team Manager
Datu Sistemas

It is worth every penny of investment we put on Add-in Express

Timothy L. Anderson, CEO
EVO Mail Server software production

Add-in Express helped in my development for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games

Doug Filteau, President and Principal Consultant
Little Mountain Systems Inc.

It's one of the best Delphi component investments we've ever made

Richard Stevens
BOE Information Systems Ltd.

Add-in Express is the backbone of my micro-ISV

Manuel Onate, Founder and owner

Add-in Express has proven to be worth its weight in platinum

James Gilliver
Sinapsis Systems Limited

Add-in Express is not the holy grail, but is as close to it as a programming suite can be

Stefan, CEO
Priotecs IT GmbH

Our experience with Add-in Express has been extremely positive - it works as advertised!

William Cantrall, President
WRC Research Systems, Inc.

Add-in Express for Office and Delphi is number one VCL component set

Wu An, Student
Nanjing University of Science and Technology

Ever since 2004 our competitors have been trying to catch up with us!

Slava Barouline, Founder, CTO and Head Software Architect
Recruitment Systems Pty Limited

Thank you Add-in Express, I'm already working on my next add-in project!

Paul van Bommel, Head of the management department
Stershop BV

In shortest time the first application was ready and the customer was mostly surprised

Uli Garbe, Head of Office

I bought the product and had a skeleton add-in working in half an hour!

Maurice Calvert, Managing Consultant

Add-in Express makes our lives easier

Lucas Milliron, Program manager

Outlook Security Manager saved our customer literally hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Stan Wendle
Global Data Specialists, Inc.

This will save us a great amount of time!

Scott Graunke
Sterling Computer Systems

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