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Inner details of DPI scaling in Office COM add-ins

Today, I’m following Microsoft recommendations and using code fragments they provide to investigate the behavior of a System.Windows.Forms.Form (simply a form)... Read the rest of this entry →

Office COM add-ins and DPI awareness: research and analysis

In the first blog of this series, I showed issues related to using several monitors with different DPIs. To get an explanation of those pretty confusing results, let’s check resources available on the web.... Read the rest of this entry →

New version of Add-in Express sample COM add-in projects

Quick news: we've developed a new version of sample COM add-in projects that we provide in the downloadable archive on the Add-in Express .NET Downloads page... Read the rest of this entry →

Add-in Express for Office issues on multiple monitors with different DPI settings

Microsoft has published Office 2016 build 8828.2010 through its Office Insider update channel. That build supports multiple monitors with different DPI settings; the support relies on the API changes provided by Windows 10 Creators Update.... Read the rest of this entry →

How to customize the appearance of advanced task panes and Outlook regions

Starting with version 8.2, Add-in Express began to open its internal infrastructure, which allows developers to customize some areas of advanced Excel, Word and PowerPoint task panes and Outlook regions. In the new release, it becomes possible to customize the header together with its controls as well as splitter and border. You can also modify the appearance of a minimized region, control the header visibility, change padding, get HitTest info and more... Read the rest of this entry →

Creating custom task panes for Excel 2013 – 2003

When building task panes for Microsoft Excel, Add-in Express provides developers with two options; using the standard Microsoft Office task pane or the more flexible Add-in Express advanced Office task panes... Read the rest of this entry →

Using custom XML parts in Word add-ins

Custom XML parts are chunks of XML that reside within a Word document. They are not part of the document, per se, because they are not visible to the user. Starting with Office 2007, the Office file formats are XML-based and are comprised of XML parts... Read the rest of this entry →

Building custom task panes for Word 2013 – 2003

When building a Word add-in using Add-in Express, you have a choice of either creating a standard Office task pane or using the Add-in Express advanced Office task panes. In this article, we'll take a look at both approaches.... Read the rest of this entry →

Customizing Word User Interface: What is and isn’t customizable

But for the advanced user who views Word as essential to their daily grind at the office… Word needs to do some adjusting to the user. This user has well defined grooves in their workday. They work spans across multiple teams, departments, companies, and applications. Microsoft Word can be a player in these processes and you can put Word in the best position possible. But how?... Read the rest of this entry →

Excel 2013 single document interface (SDI): How to rebuild your task panes to support it

If you're an avid user of Excel, you would've noticed that Excel 2013 has moved from being a Multi document interface (MDI) application to being a Single document interface (SDI) application... Read the rest of this entry →

Developing a Word Task Pane App

Today's sample will integrate with the Microsoft Translator API. The app will allow you to select text within Word, translate the text, and view the translation results. This type of task pane is not the same animal we know and love as Office developers. This type of is the kind a web developer-type would love... Read the rest of this entry →

How to develop an Excel Task Pane App

Instead of an article, this is more like a memoir... "Ty Anderson: An Apps for Office developer memoir". The new Apps for Office development model provides plenty of new possibilities for Microsoft Office developers. Although new, they give the appearance of familiarity. Do you think I'm crazy? ... Read the rest of this entry →

Excel 2013 development – 7 questions developers should ask

Excel 2013 has plenty of new features. From Flash Fill to PowerPivot's native engine, from Quick Analysis to the WebService() function there is plenty to excite the user base. But for Excel developer's, the biggest news has to be the new Apps for Office extension framework... Read the rest of this entry →

WPF Controls for Office development smackdown

We saw some interesting results with 3rd party UI control vendor products and Microsoft Office in my last article. In today's article we'll see how the same vendors' Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) controls suites look like in Microsoft Office ... Read the rest of this entry →

Windows Forms controls smackdown (for MS Office)

Add-in Express provides us with some awesome tools for adding our own Office Task Panes and advance Outlook form and view regions, but making the UI elements on those panes and regions look good, is up to us... Read the rest of this entry →

Outlook, custom task pane and drag-drop problem

I want to share a solution to the problem related to using drag-n-drop in my Outlook 2010 add-in. The task was as follows: we needed to implement a UserControl that would accept MailItem or Selection by using the dragging functions, or more precisely Drag-and-Drop. ... Read the rest of this entry →

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