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Advanced Office task panes and Office 2010 – first view

Today something roused me to pull up the venetian blinds on the windows of my office. Oops! Young leaves are already making their first appearance. Does this mean that summer is already round the corner? Ooh, do you know how badly I want to escape from here to some place on the river bank? And I long for Friday already… ;-) Okay, fewer words, more screenshots! :)

An important notice

As before, I have to repeat myself:

  • Let’s not forget that we have two betas – Office 2010 Beta and Add-in Express 2010 Beta 1.
  • There is a probability that everything you see here might be redesigned, but these will be only cosmetic changes.
  • The task panes shown below implement to the fullest extent all the features portrayed in Advanced Office task panes for Excel, Word, PowerPoint – Basic concepts.
  • Finally, let’s remember that we have a certain numbers of known issues of Add-in Express 2010 Beta 1 for .net and VCl.

So, Add-in Express 2010 Beta 1 + Office 2010 + Advanced task panes…

Advanced task panes and Office 2010 – how it looks

And it looks exactly the same as our regions in Outlook 2010.

Black color scheme

Office 2010 taskpanes for Black color scheme

Blue color scheme

Office 2010 taskpanes for Blue color scheme

Silver color scheme

Office 2010 taskpanes for Silver color scheme

Hidden task panes

Every time I see such task panes, I ask myself one and the same question – does anybody at all can see this? Let’s have a look:

Hidden task pane in Office 2010

However, ever time I reply to myself that nobody has ever written to me, nor to our support team, that hidden task panes should be more visible (it’s a pun, though, – “hidden visible task panes” :) Nevertheless…

Adobe PSE

Here is a screenshot of my Adobe PSE. Hum… I believe our task panes as hidden as thoroughly as a side bar in PSE :)

Minimized task panes

Everything here is the same as before…

Minimized task panes in Office 2010


Advanced Office task panes in Office 2010 have no principle differences from those of any other Office versions, they just work and that’s it. That’s why this subject is so arid, that I won’t get back to it anymore. However, after scrutinizing all the above screenshots, I see that we will definitely ennoble certain “pixels”… :)


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