Custom development benefits

Why choosing our services may be right for you

A team of great professionals and personalities

The Add-in Express Team is a community of talented professionals who are really easy to work with. Each Add-in Express developer is a true expert in his sphere, and all of them apply all their knowledge and expertise to ensure the success of your project. Have a look at the people who will work for you. So, committing your project to Add-in Express, you hand it over to the best professionals in the Office development and integration industry (yea, we believe we have the right to say so, having heard these words many times from our customers and on our forums.

We understand our customers

Having delivered over 100 different projects over the past 10 years, providing technical support to dozens of developers on a daily basis, we understand needs and requirements of our customer better than anyone else. We will do every effort to express your projects and maximize your business success.

High quality

The highest level of Add-in Express services and products is well known among the developers' community. We carry out an extensive research of each targeted application, and do comprehensive testing, supporting and quality control checks at each stage of the project. This ensures that all your functional and design specifications are implemented. In the end you get a first-class custom tailored solution that works in accordance with all your special requirements.

Pay only if you approve the work

We offer a clear milestone-based payment scheme. Here's how it works: the whole development procedure of your project is divided into a few stages, or milestones. You will be provided with detailed reports for all work done including demos and source code, so that you can be fully aware about each stage of development. The project budget, once set, will never be exceeded, and you pay only after you approve the work done in the previous stage of the development cycle.

Solutions work in all Office versions

The solution that you will get, whether it is a plug-in, RTD server, smart tag or a user-defined function, will work in all versions of Microsoft Office, if it an IE plug-in, it will work in IE6 and higher, your OE add-on will be compatible with Outlook Express 6 and Windows Mail.

Our know-how - powerful development components

We use our own time-proved toolkits for Office development, the Add-in Express product line. This allows us, firstly, to lessen the time used in the development cycle, secondly, provide you with an attractive, familiar, intuitive and user-friendly interface in your solution, and thirdly, ensure the seamless integration of the created plug-in with all targeted application versions.

Full control over the development process

In designing your custom software product we can either work independently or in close cooperation with the specialists at your company. We will assign your project to a team of 2-10 analysts and developers headed by a project manager who will be your contact person for all communication. We offer complete transparency in the developing process so that you can be 100% sure that we adhere to your exact specifications and timeframes. You will be kept informed about the status and progress of your project at all stages of the development cycle. We will proceed with the next stage only when you are completely satisfied with the work completed, and a result-based payment schedule ensures that you pay only when you approve the work done.

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