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Video: Create an Office shared add-in – building advanced task panes and advanced Outlook regions, using advanced controls

I admit it…it’s been awhile since we published Part 1. So I don’t blame you if you gave up hope of ever seeing Part 2. But I’m here to tell you that you have not waited in vain because today we present to you Part 2 of the Create an Office Shared Add-in series.

Remember, Part 1 is available here: Create an Office shared add-in – building the GUI. If you haven’t watched, I recommend you watch it before watching Part 2.

This video completes the UI for the shared add-in by building advanced task panes for Excel, Word, & PowerPoint. For Outlook, I show how to build an advanced form region. And to complete the video, I show how to host WinForm controls on an Office command bar by using the Add-in Express advanced control.

Not only is the video wildly informative and entertaining, it sets us up for Part 3…which is coming soon!

Creating an Office shared add-in:


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