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Video: Create an Office shared add-in – connecting business logic to Office events

On Tuesday we published Part 3 of the end-to-end demo. Today, we have Part 4. In reality parts 3 and 4 can be taken together but we thought it’s better to break them up a bit and provide a bit of a break. But we have momentum now so let’s keep this train a-moving because Part 5 is almost ready for its debut as well.

But this is Part 4… in which our hero demonstrates how to write code that connects the custom Ribbon and custom Commandbar to Office objects. Of course, the glue that holds it all together is the add-in’s custom business logic.

So please get cozy and watch this video. Once you do, you will be ready for part 5… which is the conclusion of the series.

The video was captured using Add-in Express for Office and .net.

Creating an Office shared add-in:

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