Add-in Express what is it?

Add-in Express for Microsoft Office and .net is a framework for building and delivering enterprise-grade Office extensions, including:

  • Application-level plug-ins for Microsoft Office - COM add-ins
  • Excel real-time data servers
  • Excel user-defined function add-ins (UDFs, Automation add-ins)
  • Excel XLL add-ins
  • Smart tags

All Office versions and applications - C#, VB.NET, C++/CLI

Written in C#, Add-in Express delivers you a set of Office-specific solution templates, deployment scenarios, wizards, visual designers, components and classes that directly support application-level extensions for all available Office versions, starting from Office 2000 to Office 2021, and for all Office applications, from Outlook to InfoPath.

Office 2021 & Visual Studio 2022 fully supported

Add-in Express integrates perfectly with the latest version of Visual Studio 2022, and supports all main applications of the Office 2021 suite as well as previous versions of Office 2000 - 2019 and VS 2012 - 2019. So, now you have a powerful framework to quickly create world-class extensions for all Microsoft Office versions and applications from prototype to final release, all with a single code base!