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Add-in Express sim-ships with Visual Studio 2015 and Office 2016 Preview

I am happy to report good news to all Add-in Express users – we are one of the Microsoft partners to sim-ship our products together with the Visual Studio 2015 RC and Office 2016 Preview... Read the rest of this entry →

Creating a web install package using Designer for WiX Toolset

The Designer for WiX Toolset, aka WiX Designer is a game changer for anyone using the WiX Toolset to build installation programs. With WiX Designer, you now have even more features with our support of the web application projects and the addition of user interface editor... Read the rest of this entry →

Video: Create WiX setup projects using familiar Visual Studio designers

Visual Studio 2013 is a wonderful code editor. I'm a fan of it (monochrome icons and all). However, I have not adopted as quickly as I thought due to the lack of support for setup projects. This was big whole, thus many of us, developers, have turned to WiX... Read the rest of this entry →

Creating a standard setup project using WiX Designer

Today, I'll walk you through how to use the Designer for Visual Studio WiX Setup Projects to create a standard install package for desktop application. Along the way, we'll utilize the user interface editor to add a custom screen to the installer... Read the rest of this entry →

What’s new in the WiX Designer Beta 2?

Last November we introduced the WiX Designer beta 1, a product that fills the void felt by anyone that uses the now deprecated Visual Studio setup tools. We received a lot of enthusiasm and great feedback and we thank you for it... Read the rest of this entry →

Google Apps, WiX Designer Beta 2, Add-in Express for IE and other news

During the last few month, I have patiently kept silence, though torn with the desire to share quite interesting news with you. But one thing stopped me – we were tied with the NDA signed between Add-in Express and Google... Read the rest of this entry →

How to add custom dialogs in WiX installers

The WiX toolset provides a number of built-in dialogs that should be adequate for most installers. If, however, you need more flexibility when it comes to your MSI installer's user interface, WiX provides the ability to build a custom UI of your setup project... Read the rest of this entry →

How to implement a WiX installer upgrade

So by now, I hope we all know and have come to accept the fact that Visual Studio setup projects are a thing of the past and that we've all become comfortable with using the WiX toolset to build our Windows Installers... Read the rest of this entry →

Video: WiX Designer for Visual Studio 2012 and 2013

The WiX Designer provides a set of designers that allow to quickly configure a WiX-based setup project. The designers will be familiar to you as they do just what you expect (e.g. configure file system, add registry keys, edit file types, configure custom actions, and more)... Read the rest of this entry →

Introducing Designer for Visual Studio WiX Setup Projects

I'm sure by now you are all aware that Microsoft removed all Visual Studio Installer project types with the release of Visual Studio 2012. A suggested alternative to creating setup files was to use the very powerful and flexible WiX toolset. The one big problem, with switching over to WiX for your setup project was that, a lot of people already invested a considerable amount of time building a setup using the Visual Studio Installer project ... Read the rest of this entry →

Please, don’t let us make your favorite IDE unsupported!

Currently we are working on new major releases and minor updates of our frameworks and tools. Just yesterday, an intense debate sparked among our team over whether we should continue to support some aged IDEs, e.g. Visual Studio 2005 and Delphi 5... Read the rest of this entry →

VDProj to WiX Converter is released!

Only one month has passed since we published the first beta and here I am announcing the release of our new product - VDProj to WiX Converter. If you have at least a couple of Visual Studio setup projects that you need to support and develop further, this tool is definitely worth trying ... Read the rest of this entry →

Beta 1 of VDProj to WiX Converter is out!

If you have read through our recent blog posts, you probably noticed a few ones focusing on WiX. And that was not an accidental choice of topic, we were trying to see how the land lies in that direction :) Well, now I am ready to unveil the secret and announce the upcoming release of a new product - VDProj to WiX Converter... Read the rest of this entry →

Converting a .vdproj to WiX in Visual Studio 2012, 2010, 2008

I'm sure you're all aware of the fact that, from Visual Studio 2012, that Visual Studio Setup projects (.vdproj) is a thing of the past. This news has been met with shock, horror and disappointment, but luckily all is not lost. As I've mentioned in a previous article, Microsoft is touting WiX (Windows Installer XML) as the heir apparent to the traditional VS Setup projects and all things considered it is a very good and free alternative ... Read the rest of this entry →

Video: How to convert a .vdproj to .wixproj in a click

You might already know or you might not… Visual Studio 2012 does not support setup projects. If this statement feels like a punch in the nose and you asking yourself, "does this mean what I think it means?"…the answer is "yes!" ... Read the rest of this entry →

Creating WiX installation projects for VSTO-based Office add-ins

In the last two articles, I've shown you how to create a WiX installer for Add-in Express based add-ons from scratch and how to convert your existing setup projects to WiX. In this blog, I'll show you how to create a WiX installer for Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) based Office add-in projects... Read the rest of this entry →

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