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Video: Create an Office shared add-in – building the GUI

I like to tinker with new technologies to see what they can do and how I could potentially use them in the solutions I build for my clients. A lot of the times my tinkering never leads to full understanding of the technology. In such cases, I don’t blame myself nor my sometimes fickle love for the latest shiny bits. No, no, no. In these cases, I blame the lack of a solid end-to-end example that shows me how to get the job done from start to finish. 

This video is the first in a 4-part series that will show how to build a simple, but useful, Office shared add-in using Add-in Express 2010 (for Outlook, Excel, Word and PowerPoint). The 4 parts are: 

  1. Build the GUI: How to build Ribbons, Toolbars, Menus and Context Menus
  2. Creating Advanced GUIs: How to build Advanced Regions, Advanced Task Panes, and use .NET control on toolbars)
  3. Access Office Objects and trapping Office events: How to write code from Add-in Express components that control the Office objects
  4. Deploying add-ins: How to create MSI, ClickOnce, and “ClickTwice”) deployment packages

 I’ll do my best to provide continuity between all four parts but fully reserve the right to add a little bit here and there between videos. But don’t worry, I'll provide the source code for each part to make it easy for everyone.

Creating an Office shared add-in:

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