Custom solutions for Outlook Express and Windows Mail plug-ins

Custom Outlook Express plug-ins

Every Windows-based PC has Outlook Express or Windows Mail installed. It might be a good idea to provide your end-users with custom solutions that extend the functionality of these applications.

Why Add-in Express services? Because when you engage our custom development service for your Outlook Express and Windows Mail projects, you get at your disposal real experts with long-term programming experience and our powerful development components specially designed for extending OE and Windows Mail.

What will you get in the end? A high quality solution in the shortest possible time.

Why can we develop professional plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook Express and Windows Mail faster than anyone else? We take advantage of our large experience and profound knowledge of internal OE interfaces. Besides that, we have a rich library of templates, code samples and other resources which have gone through comprehensive testing and now they all work flawlessly in Outlook Express 6 on Windows 2000 and XP and in Windows Mail on Vista.

Why do our development techniques make a difference?

Our development tools for Outlook Express (which is our know-how!) seamlessly integrate with Outlook Express and Windows Mail and extend the OE functionality by adding new features and providing a familiar and intuitive user-friendly interface for your Outlook Express or Windows Mail solutions. Here is just a short list of what we can do for your OE plug-in:

  • Create view and form regions for the main OE window and mail compose and read windows
  • Develop regions for the Preview pane
  • Build regions for the Folder List, Contacts pane and Outlook Bar
  • Add custom menu items to the main Outlook Express menu and Inspector menus
  • Create toolbars for the main Outlook Express window and mail windows
  • Use any buttons and separators on your Outlook Express and Windows Mail toolbars: simple, pop-up, dropdown, split etc.

What else can we develop for you?

Anything. Really. Starting with a project template which contains the main code of your add-in and finishing with a key-ready OE solution. The source code of your solution may be written in:

  • Visual Basic .NET
  • C#
  • C++.NET
  • Delphi

Write to us and tell about your requirements. We will sign an NDA, agree on the timeframe and cost, and you will have the working solution in a short while.

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