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Add-in Express™ Support Service
That's what is more important than anything else

Hello Colleague,

My name is Andrei Smolin, I'm a developer and team leader. When I joined Add-in Express several years ago I was really amazed with the support level they provided. Now, when I'm part of Add-in Express, working on the support desk most of the time, I can tell you for sure: probably we don't provide the best support service, but we do our best to be among the best ones :)

Support is more important than anything else

"Why do we strive for the best in support?" you may ask. The reason is very simple. If you have bought more than one development tool, then you know that support is what turns a good product into a brilliant. Arguably, this is true for our products more than for any others. Because our tools are a kind of a "shim" between your applied code and a gigantic, obscure and intimidating monster of the host application object model.

And who but we can help you solve your tasks of interacting with the host app? Who but we will answer you the most complicated questions like "Why on earth does Outlook behave in that way?", "Is it feasible at all?" Our developers know our host applications from A to Z, whether it is Outlook, Excel or Internet Explorer. And our knowledge is more profound than that of ordinary programmers, since we know those apps from inside. That is why you will get answers to all your questions related to our tools as well as to those related to the object models of all Office applications and IE.

You will not have to deal with your problem alone!

That's true, we will do our best to make our product work for you as you expected and even better. You can take it as my personal guarantee. Did you notice the Escalate to Team Leader button on our forum? ;) Whatever tricky problem you may face, be assured that you won't have to struggle with it alone! You are backed up by the experts who will lend you a helpful hand. And not only a hand… but also a code review, a remote session, a feature, a fix or a build, whatever is needed to give you a solution, the solution just right for you.

Need proofs? Just open Customers say and read carefully :)

Andrei Smolin
Team Leader
Add-in Express Team

Some of support service statistics

Here are some figures for the last year. For programmers like us, they say better than any words :)

  • Forums posts: ~ 11 500
  • E-mail received and sent: ~ 21 000
  • Test and sample projects created: ~ 1 800
  • Received projects for testing, code review, reproducing bugs, issues etc.: 750
    (The total size of the projects with binary files is 12 GB. Please don't send us dotnetfx.exe :)