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Add-in Express is the project of the Office Data Apps sp. z o.o. company located in Poland. If you need to customize applications from the Office suite with COM add-ins, smart tags, RTD servers, Excel automation add-ins and XLL add-ins, you are welcome to use our products written for .net and Delphi.

Now we are Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner and Embarcadero Technology Partner.

Microsoft Visual Studio Partner Embarcadero Technologies

Our top-priorities

…to speed up your development process

You get ready-made solutions for numerous problems and challenges in Office development. To shorten the learning curve, which is already really short, we provide a number of source code samples in addition to manuals and class references. You request us to create a sample for you and get a working project with full source code.

…to give you worthy technical support

You will receive exactly what you expect. Just have a look at what our customers say or check out our forums, and you will find fast replies, solved issues, happy customers. You share your problems or concerns with us via e-mail and instant messengers. In difficult situations, you send us your projects. A timely response is guaranteed.

…to fix bugs and deliver enhancements swiftly

A reproducible bug can be fixed very promptly indeed. If you are the first to report about the bug, you'll be the first customer who gets the fix.

…to make deployment as easy as it can possibly be

Your Office extensions developed with Add-in Express products can be installed on systems with all Windows and Office versions, by administrators or standard users, via the standard set-up procedures (including Group Policy) or just by clicking a link on a web-page.

…to give you a hand in emergencies

If you run into an issue which seems unsolvable, just send us your project. We do code reviews, reproduce issues, find solutions and workarounds, access your PCs remotely if needed; and you get the problem resolved.

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