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Video HowTo: Develop a plug-in for Outlook 2000 – 2010 in VB.NET

Outlook is one of the most in-demand applications of the Microsoft Office Suite. That is why it has always been a featured application for Add-in Express. In this video HowTo sample we will show you how to customize the Outlook GUI in minutes using the Add-in Express components and visual designers.

From this video you will learn how to:

  • Develop a new Outlook COM add-in project
  • Add a ribbon tab with custom ribbon controls to Outlook 2007 Inspector windows
  • Work with traditional Outlook Explorer command bars and their controls
  • Create your own Options page that will show up in the Tools -> Options… dialog box
  • Handle keyboard shortcuts

How to use Advanced Outlook View and Form Regions:

  • Embed your custom .NET form in Outlook 2000 – 2007 Explorer for folders that contain mail items only
  • Place your own form into the Inspector window, again for mail items only

This sample video was captured in Visual Studio 2008 (VB.NET) with Add-in Express 2009 for Microsoft Office and .net . You can find the complete description of this sample Outlook add-in on our web-site.

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