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Video HowTo: Create an Internet Explorer add-on for IE 6, 7 and 8 in VB.NET

I am sure you know that Microsoft Internet Explorer is the most popular web-browser. According to the Global Web Stats for December, 2009 Internet Explorer (8, 7 and 6) takes 50.3% of the market. Millions of people use IE every day at work, at home, on their way from work to home or the other way around :)

Using Add-in Express for Internet Explorer and .NET you can largely extend the Internet Explorer abilities. And we are going to show you how to do this straight away. From this video you will learn how to create an add-on that will work in all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer: IE 6, IE7 and IE8. In just 9 minutes, you will know how to:

  • Add custom commands to the IE Command Bar.
  • Add your own context menu items.
  • Create a custom IE toolbar and populate it with .NET controls like Buttons, CheckBoxes, TextBoxes.
  • Develop a custom Explorer bar.
  • Handle Internet Explorer events.

This sample video was captured in Visual Studio 2008 (VB.NET) with Add-in Express 2010 for Internet Explorer and .net . You can find the complete description of this IE add-on sample on our web-site.

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  • Hari K T says:

    Nice to see , but I would love to say IE may be loosing the share soon ;) . Yes we all love the open-source browser Firefox for his speed, performance , addons , security etc . IE may be the worst browser and also the less maintained one . If you are not a firefox fan you can go for chrome , opera , safari etc . But I hate IE especaially IE 6 :) .
    I think due to the new European policy Microsoft will be showing the widely used browsers rather than keeping IE as the default browser in the OS .

  • Dmitry Kostochko (Add-in Express Team) says:

    And I personally like Internet Explorer more. But besides personal preferences there exit two important facts:

    • According to Wikipedia’s stats for January 2010, Internet Explorer is world-wide browser #1 with 58% of the market.
    • None of other browsers provide such rich capabilities for customization.
  • Jules Fosso says:

    I tried what you are showing here with visual c++ managed, but it doesn’t work: The toolbar is not built.

    Can you help?
    I am using Visual developper studio 2010, on a windows vista.

  • Dmitry Kostochko (Add-in Express Team) says:

    Sure. Please send me your project, I will try to pin down and fix the issue with your toolbar.

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