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Add-in Express upgrade policy

After we had sent out the newsletter about Generation 2010 of Add-in Express (Add-in Express 2010 for Internet Explorer is the first swallow : -), I received a few questions about our upgrade policy. Well, I will try to formalize this issue here.

Our usual upgrade policy

Standard package
In fact, our upgrade policy is very simple indeed. If you have the Standard package of any Add-in Express product, the upgrade is free for you in case you purchased the product in less than two months before the public release of the next major version (mind you, not beta!). Otherwise, you can upgrade with a 50% discount.

Sometimes I do allow small digressions from the official policy, our long-term customers probably know about that. Depending on the circumstances, or rather on my mood :), I generate new license keys for those who bought our product a week or two before the official grace period starts. I guess nothing can be worse than to get information about the new release and realize that if you had purchased the product just a few hours later, you would have got the new version for free. And then, at that very moment, when your heart is filled with disappointment and frustration, .. whoops! … the new license key in your inbox! Joy to the customer, many thanks to me :)

Professional and Premium packages
If you are a happy owner :-) of those packages, you have 12 months of free minor and major upgrades.

And a little digression again :-) Sometimes this period is, in fact, a bit longer than 12 months. For example, if your subscription has expired shortly before the major public release, you will still get it for free if you were given a license key for it during its beta period, because that key works for the public release as well.

That seems to be all. If you have any questions, you are the most welcome.


  • Dave says:

    In the real world it does not work so well. I have version 7, pro licences is 6 months old. I have tried several times with support and sales to upgrade to 8 with no luck. So not an easy process to upgrade. So no upgrade…..

  • Svetlana Cheusheva (Add-in Express Team) says:

    Hello Dave,

    You qualify for a free update but for some reason the new key was not generated for your license. We admit that this is entirely our fault and I am very sorry for that.

    We emailed you a new license key within an hour after receiving your support request. Please understand, we needed some time to double check our customer database and generate a new key. Anyway, I do apologize again for any inconvenience that was caused to you by this.

    I thank you for understanding!

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