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Video HowTo: Develop Outlook add-in with custom command bars and ribbon tabs (Delphi)

Last week, our Svetlana approached me with a request to capture a couple of videos for Delphi developers.  Well, I also believe that our Add-in Express for Office and .net users are now all set with a wealth of HowTo and Video HowTo samples.

So, today we’ll develop an add-in for Outlook 2000 – 2007 in Delphi 2009. We are not going to create anything super complex, I will just show you how to work with our visual components at design-time and how it looks in Outlook at run-time. So, in this video sample, we will add our own command bar to the  Outlook 2000-2007 Explorer window, yet another command bar to the Outlook 2000-2003 Inspector window (for such item types as Mail and Task) and a custom Ribbon Tab in to Outlook 2007 Inspector window.

Now let’s see it in action:

This video sample was captured in Delphi 2009 with Add-in Express 2009 for Office and VCL.

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