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Video: IE extension development made simple with Add-in Express for Internet Explorer

As the most popular browser Internet Explorer makes a nice target for solutions that extend browser functionality or that provide additional features for working with browser based content. Lucky for us developers Microsoft provides an SDK for Internet Explorer. This SDK provides tools that show how to customize IE menus, toolbars and more. Not so lucky for us is that each of these are based on COM or scripts and they lack cohesion because each must be developed as a separate solution.

Even luckier for us developers is that Add-in Express simplifies Internet Explorer plug-in development by providing an all-in-one framework. This framework offers a simple and quick way to build IE extensions. Some common examples that are even easier using the Add-in Express for Internet Explorer and .net toolset:

  • Customize IE toolbars and menus
  • Customize Explorer bars
  • Develop Browser Helper Objects
  • Access Internet Explorer objects and menus
  • Share data across customizations and provide cohesion across all different types of customizations

And best yet is that all customizations you create using the Add-in Express toolset are version neutral, which means they support Internet Explorer versions 6 through 9.

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    How To Download!!!?

  • Eugene Astafiev says:


    You can download the video as an mp4 file using a download link underneath either of the video screens. If you are asking about the Add-in Express for Internet Explorer product, you can download it from our Download section. Please note that this is a commercial product and you need to purchase it first.

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