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Video: Creating Excel add-in using C#, VB.NET

Excel is a popular target application for Office COM Add-ins and Add-in Express has the tools to empower you, the Excel add-in developer. This relatively short video shows how Add-in Express components and visual designers can help you quickly:

  • Create an Excel COM Add-in
  • Build a custom Excel ribbon
  • Develop a custom command bar
  • Add your own controls to each (the Ribbon and the command bar)
  • Build a custom menu
  • Create standard Office task panes
  • Create Advanced Task Panes (only from Add-in Express!)
  • Add a custom keyboard combination
  • Respond to Excel events

I say the video is relatively short because we pack in so many demos in under 18 minutes.  I promise you we keep it moving.

The video was captured on Visual Studio 2010 with Add-in Express for Office and .net. It demos creating a sample Excel add-in using VB.NET, but you can use Add-in Express to develop plug-ins for Excel 2010-2000 in C# and C++ as well.

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