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Office 365 Newswire: Windows 8 Release Preview – 6.1.2012

I’ve been hanging out at coffee shops this week. I needed to remove myself from the office and surround myself with strangers and the strong smell of coffee. Going “mobile” like this requires me to use my laptop, a 4.5 year old Macbook Pro. Its sacrilege, I know… to use an Apple product while being a Microsoft fan is not how it is supposed to be. But I like my Macbook Pro. Did I mention that I run Windows 7 on it 80% of the time?

Lately, I have become more curious about the Mac side of my Macbook Pro. I have Office 2011 for Mac installed, which includes Lync. I am now a regular Lync user so when I booted to Mac yesterday, I opened Lync and proceeded to waste 15-20 minutes trying to login.

I relented and checked the Office 365 forums to learn that extra steps are required to configure Lync for Mac 2011 for Office 365. Here is the screenshot of the change I had to make:

Lync Settings

I don’t understand why the screen doesn’t look like this:

Lync for Mac 2011

Actually it does look like the image above. What I don’t understand is why Lync can’t figure out on its own that I’m using an Office 365 account instead of an on-premise Lync account. Why do I need to configure anything?

Using Lync should be this easy(er). Maybe my expectations are too high after fiddling around with my Macbook. What do you think?

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I tried not to include the score board this week but as you wOffice 365 Newswire ScoreBoardill see below… it was a battle.

Office 365 news & editorials!

  • Windows 8 Release Preview: The Ultimate Delta Guide :: The final pre-release is here! I believe certain established tech journalists received an advanced copy. How else do you explain this super-informative guide written by Paul Thurrot? I’m downloading Windows 8 now and look forward to forming my own opinions.
  • Office 365 for Government puts Microsoft squarely on Google’s turf :: It’s Office 365 but with more security in its data storage methods. At its simplest, Office 365.gov does not share data storage with Office 365.consumer. I have a hunch that this type of arrangement can, and will, be made between MSFT and larger corporations that have annual revenues larger than some countries annual GDP.
  • Microsoft set to revamp Office 365 channel set-up :: When MSFT talks licensing, I intentionally stick a finger in each ear and scream “la la la la la la la la” as loudly as possible. MSFT licensing details shrink my brain. It hurts. But, I couldn’t ignore this item. From what I gather, MSFT is trying to make Office 365 easier for partners to understand and sell.
  • Three reasons why the Cloud isn’t ready for prime time :: The reasoning in the 1st paragraph made me giggle. A giggle is not on par with a LOL but it is audible. Despite my sense of humor, the article is okay as it has 3 valid points. But I disagree with the author’s premise. I doubt we will be 100% on the cloud anytime soon. The cloud is a tool I like to use from my DESKTOP! So, I guess I agree with him.

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