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Office Newswire: Microsoft to deliver Office 15 for Windows first, iPad later – 6.6.2012

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The French Open fortnight draws to a close this week. The end of the tournament features the best matches as the top players don’t meet until the Semis or Finals. But this year, the first two men’s Quarterfinals matches each took 5 sets to determine the winner.

Each match included a current tennis “heavy weight” (Federer and Djokovic). Each match also included a top player that has the potential to become a heavy weight in their own right. These were exciting matches, filled with drama induced by multiple momentum shifts. In the end, the both upstarts were crushed by the heavy weights. We’ll have Federer v Djokovic in the French semis for a 2nd year in a row. It won’t matter who wins because Nadal will crush the winner. No one defeats Nadal on red clay.

Nadal, Federer, and Djokovic represent tennis’s “Big 3”. It takes a monumental effort to topple one of these gentlemen in a tennis match… especially in a Grand Slam tournament. But these gentlemen are growing older and there is a new generation of men challenging them for the top spots. A few years ago, there is no way Federer would need 5 sets to win a quarter final match. But now, he is old (in tennis years). He is not as nimble and must rely on guile to supplement what he lacks in athleticism.

In our software development world, we have our own “Big 3”: Microsoft, Apple, and Google. Microsoft and Apple are grandpas (in tech years). Google is a single adult without kids. These three dominate our industry and are quite accustomed to winning. But they are old. Their business units are not as nimble as they once were. Instead of creating great new software from scratch, they focus on maintaining the current cash cows while trying to kill the cash cows of the other two. In addition, there are young upstarts (like Facebook) that threaten their success.

It’s fun to watch and is filled with drama.

Big 3 of Software development world

MSFT is competing in two big events at the moment with the impending releases of Windows 8 and Office 15. They have much at stake. The competition is young, nimble, and ambitious. The spectators (aka the press) can’t wait to write MSFT’s obituary. The criticism is harsh.

MSFT must rely on their guile to survive. They have done it before. Can they do it again?

We’ll find out soon enough. I’m betting they can and that it will be an ugly battle. It will be a battle fought by Microsoft’s young breed of talent.

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