Visual designers for Outlook Express add-in /
plug-in development in C#, VB.NET,C++

Add-in Express™
for Outlook® Express and Microsoft® .net

Visual designers for Outlook Express add-ins / plug-ins

Add-in Express is completely based on the Rapid Application Development (RAD) paradigm which makes the development of Outlook Express plug-ins much faster. Add-in Express adds to each Outlook Express project a special module, the add-in module, that implements the IDTExtensibility2 interfaces required by the unified Outlook Express extensibility technology. The add-in module is a .NET component, it has a visual designer and serves as a container for other Outlook Express specific components such as toolbars, menus, controls and Outlook Express event components.

Outlook Express add-in designer

This module and its designer centralize the general logic of your add-in, and empower you to create your own toolbars and menus with a couple of clicks. The properties, methods and events of the module offer an easy way to specify all add-in types, to access the Outlook Express Application object and to handle the add-in and Outlook Express events.