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Why Add-in Express for Outlook Express?

Add-in Express for Outlook Express is now available for our custom development services only. If you are an existing customer of this tool, please do not worry, we will continue supporting it for you.

Outlook Express is a free e-mail client that doesn't have any customization features. Add-in Express built a true RAD (Rapid Application Development) base for customizing Outlook Express and Windows Mail with version-neutral, secure, insolated, managed, and deployable add-ins.

  • Managed add-ins for Outlook Express can be developed in all programming language of Visual Studio .NET: VB, C#, C++.
  • Isolated add-ins - OE plug-ins based on Add-in Express are loaded add-ins into separate application domains. Therefore, your plug-ins don't have an opportunity to crash Outlook Express or Windows Mail.
  • Version-neutral add-ins - Due to the version-independent programming model of Add-in Express, your add-in developed for Outlook Express will work on Windows Mail and vice versa.
  • Deployable add-ins - Setup project are generated automatically to make your Outlook Express plug-ins ready-to-deploy.

Where is the Add-in Express source code?

The source code (run-time and design-time) is included in the Premium subscription of Add-in Express for Outlook Express. See the Feature Matrix page for details.

Add-in Express setup program also installs the following text files on your PC:

  • licence.txt - EULA
  • readme.txt - short description of the product, support addresses and such
  • whatsnew.txt - this file describes the latest information on the product features added and bugs fixed.

Supported IDEs:

Visual Studio 2003, 2005, 2008

Supported languages:

Visual Basic (VB.NET), C#, C++, RemObjects Chrome

Supported applications:

Microsoft Outlook Express 6.x (x86 only - 32bits), Microsoft Windows Mail 6.x (x86 only - 32bits)

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