How to develop an IE toolbar with custom buttons
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Add-in Express™
for Internet Explorer® and Microsoft® .net

Add-in Express for Internet Explorer videos:

How to make IE plugin: C#, VB.NET

Over the course of this end-to-end video you will learn how to make version-neutral and bit-insensitive IE plug-ins that will work in all versions of Internet Explorer from IE 6 to IE 11. You will see the typical architecture of the Add-in Express based IE add-on project as well as the events and properties available in the project's core. The video also shows how to:

  • Create a new version-independent IE plugin project in Visual Studio.
  • Develop a custom IE toolbar with any .NET controls, in particular a ComboBox, Label and a DateTimePicker.
  • Build an advanced Explorer bar that can host any .NET controls.
  • How to register and debug the IE add-on.
  • Make a setup package to deploy your IE plugin.

This video was captured on Visual Studio 2010 with Add-in Express for Internet Explorer and .net.