Customize IE main menu, create 32- and 64-bit
plug-ins for IE7 - IE11 in VB.NET, C#, C++

Add-in Express™
for Internet Explorer® and Microsoft® .net

Your own commands on IE commandbar

Using a special component you can add your custom command to the built-in Internet Explorer commandbar.

A custom command added to the IE commandbar

The commands you added to the IE commandbar are customizable by your end-users.

A custom command in the IE Customize dialog

By default, your custom commands are added to the IE Tools menu.

A custom command added to the IE Tools menu

Your own Explorer bars (side-bars)

Using a special module and components you can add your own Explorer bars, aka side-bars, with any .NET controls or UserControls. By default, your side-bars add corresponding commands to the built-in command bar (available in the IE Customize dialog box too).

Creating custom Explorer bars

You custom Explorer bars are available in the Customize dialog box as well as in the Explorer Bars sub-menu.

Your own Explorer bar in the IE View menu

See how to create a custom Explorer bar and Advanced IE bar.

Custom IE toolbars

With Add-in Express you can create new toolbars/comandbars for the Internet Explorer window, just remember to populate your IE toolbar with a couple of .NET controls :)

A custom IE toolbar added to a new row

A custom toolbar can be placed in the main menu row.

Custom IE toolbars added to the main menu row

See how to create a custom IE toolbar step-by-step.

Customization of Internet Explorer main menu

A menu-based component allows you to add your own items to any Internet Explorer menus such as File or View. You can add your items to any position in the menu.

Adding a custom item to the File main menu

You can add not only your own items, but sub-menus too.

Adding custom items to the View main menu

See how to customize IE main menu.

Extending IE context menus

Using context menu specific components you can add custom items or sub-menus to any context menus of Internet Explorer.

Adding custom items to an IE context menu

See an example of how to add a custom item to an IE context menu.

Adding your own keyboard shortcuts

Using Add-in Express you can define and handle your own keyboard shortcuts.

Handling keyboard shortcuts in the IE plug-in solution

Integrated solutions - BHO, Explorer bars and toolbars in one project

All Add-in Express based IE add-on solutions are browser helper objects (BHO) that empowers you with all IE Extensibility capabilities such as custom toolbars, Explorer bars, customized commands and menus. However, you can create separate projects for your IE toolbars and Explorer side-bars (neither of the projects requires administrative privileges for installation, as opposed to BHOs).

BHO, Explorer bars and toolbars in one project

Version- and platform-neutrality

Add-in Express allows you to create version-neutral IE add-ons that works on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Internet Explorer. One project will be compatible with IE 6 - IE 11 (32- and 64-bit).

New project wizard to develop an add-on for IE6 - IE10

Your IE add-ons are managed, secure and isolated

Add-in Express isolates all add-ons through a special Win32 dll, the Loader. It isolates each of your add-on in its own separate appdomain that makes your add-ons more stable and secure.

IE add-on project in Visual Studio

Deployment made easy

Add-in Express performs automatically all actions associated with the IE add-on deployment. It generates an IE-specific setup project that empowers you with the web-enabled msi-based deployment package. Just remember to add a setup project to your solution.

MSI based web-deployment wizard

See how to create an installation package for Windows Installer and how to make your IE add-on automatically updatable for all end-users.

True RAD for IE development

Add-in Express is completely based on the True RAD approach. So, you operate components and their designers instead of continuous coding. The most common tasks such as registration/unregistration of add-ons and their parts, deployments scenarios, switching between contexts, etc. are implemented in Add-in Express components, tools and designers. You concentrate on your applied code, Add-in Express implements everything else.

IE add-on module at designt-time