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Office 365 Newswire: Windows Live SkyDrive and Office 365 – 4.27.2012

It's Friday and most likely you are headed for a restful weekend. Alas, I am not!

I have both sets of family arriving this afternoon fresh from the West Texas desert. The two big events are my youngest daughter's ballet recital and my dad's 70th birthday. In addition we have:

  • 3rd grade Baseball game tonight…under the lights!
  • Two soccer games tomorrow
  • Family dinner tomorrow
  • Ballet dress rehearsal Sunday followed by…
  • Ballet recital, followed immediately by…
  • A big 70th birthday bash at the Texas Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas

Yes, that is correct, my Dad wants to spend his 70th birthday watching baseball with his family. Not a bad way to spend your time if you ask me.

Today's Office 365 Newswire is okay. The news this week is dominated by Google Drive and Skydrive. Office 365 was a bit quiet but there are still good items to report.

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