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Office Newswire: Why Windows 8 tablets will succeed – 4.25.2012

It’s been a while sinceOffice Bob I pulled out my Tablet PC and did some doodling. So I decided to stop this negative momentum. This time, however, the Tablet PC is not the old clunker. No sir/ma’am! This time, I’m doodlin’ with my slate pc. It’s an Asus variety and has allowed me to make the switch to Windows 8. I’m still a bit freaked-out by the “touch-ability” but I’m adjusting. Also, my favorite doodling app, ArtRage, doesn’t do as well with Windows 8 as it does with Windows 7. I can’t wait for the update but suppose I will nonetheless.

Today, the Office Newswire has a bonus section at no extra charge.

Microsoft news & editorials!

  • Why Windows 8 tablets will succeed :: Lots of opinions are flying around regarding how Windows 8 is both terrible and great. I’ll say this… it’s different. It will be like learning Windows 95 after mastering Windows 3.1… if you can remember that far back. This article from LockerGnome has a positive take.
  • Microsoft FY12Q3 results :: Straight from the keyboard of the anonymous blogger known as Mini-Microsoft, here is an insider’s take on MSFT’s Q3 financial results.
  • Ballmer says Microsoft’s focus in on mobile, cloud :: Steve Ballmer is paperless. Also, tablets, phones, and cloud services like Azure and Office 365 are the future. This is news right?

Office news & editorials

Office tips, tricks & tools

  • 5 Microsoft Office hacks to finish tasks faster :: This item targets attorneys but it works for anyone. I bet you learn at least 2 new tricks if you read it.
  • Complement your PowerPoint with effective printouts :: This item caught my eye because the title assumes that you, as the presenter, are thinking about the audience. Effective printouts can enhance your presentation, uh, your message. This article shows how to use PowerPoint and Word to complement what you say.
  • Deciding whether to work with Microsoft Excel or to work with Access :: This one should be a must read for any Office user. Excel is not a database! Please read this article and use the right tool for the task. Please?
  • SharePoint 2010 Apps for n00bs :: Learn to configure apps using SharePoint. I say configure when others might say build. To me, the difference is that to build an app… one must use code. To configure an app… one only need use the SharePoint web interface or SharePoint Designer… code is not required. But that’s only my opinion and I am but only one man.

Office Developer items of note

Cutting room floor

This Week’s sign the apocalypse is nigh!

New cologne duplicates smell of newly unboxed Apple gadgets

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