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Office Newswire: Will Office 2013 be more attractive to companies than individuals? – 5.2.2012

I’m a bit delayed today and I blame my age and the need to sleep. I’ve been going non-stop since I wrote last week’s Office 365 Newswire. So, I chose to sleep in and let my brain regenerate. I think the strategy was successful as I have things to say this morning as you will see below.


It’s Hump Day… so let’s keep moving!

Office news & editorials!

  • Will Office 2013 be more attractive to companies than individuals? :: Microsoft Office is strong in the business sector and the great majority of consumers. But what will consumers think of Office 15? This item raises a few questions but offers no answers. This should be expected as little to nothing is known about Office 2013 at this point.
  • Dear Microsoft… :: This is a Dear John letter to Microsoft from a teacher. It’s snarky and the reasoning isn’t what I would call solid. But hey… she’s doing what she feels is best for her and I respect that. Also, I don’t think she has read Google’s privacy policy.
  • How Google’s Drive helps kill Microsoft’s Office :: CNET argues that Google Drive is a “stab straight at the heart” of Office. He might have a point as the author argues what matters is the data, your data, and how Google can use it to make money… off of you… again, using your content (or data). The article is interesting but it doesn’t make me want to use Google Drive. Also, something most authors state when writing about an "Office Killer" is how the stated app allows users to open and read their Office documents. Fine and dandy. But they rarely talk about the document authoring experience of these “Office Killers”. Hmmmm… Why is that? No matter, I found this to be a great read and gave me some facts to consider.
  • Google Drive signaling the end of Microsoft Office? Umm No. :: A reasonable counter-point to the previous item. This battle will be fought for the next 10 years or more. That said, how Microsoft built their empire is not how they will sustain it in the future. Times are changing. As is how we use software.
  • Will “Death to Outlook” follow “Death to Word”? :: If you are over a certain age you will need “readers”. Or you can take advantage of your browser’s feature to increase the font size. Holy cow this one was tough on my eyes! Anyways, let’s keep piling on with new items that (pre-maturely) state/hope/wish that Office’s death is upon us. This article is by a real journalist and he writes a thoughtful piece. I especially liked his points regarding communication via social media preferred by younger generations. Where does this preference leave Outlook?

Office tips, tricks & tools

  • Turn off Scroll Lock in Excel :: This item made the newswire due to my own personal need. I use a mac keyboard because it is nice and quiet. When I’m on conference call, no one can hear me typing. But… it does not have a Scroll Lock button. This article was my friend in a time of need.
  • SharePoint 2010 enable auditing for document read edit :: Want to know how many users actually view and/or read documents in SharePoint? Implement this tip and you will know.
  • Template hub for SharePoint :: I bet this item will help many of you, my dear readers. This CodePlex project provides a central repository for your document templates.
  • Microsoft fixes issues with Office for Mac 2011 SP2 :: If you are using Office for Mac 2011, this update to SP2 is good to go. Of course, that’s what they said last time. But this time, it looks okay.

Office developer items of note

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