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HowTo: Support Office 2007 color schemes in your custom forms and task panes

In Office 2007 there are 3 available color schemes – Black, Blue and Silver. The background of controls in command bars and ribbon tabs is changed by Office automatically. Do you want to try changing the background of your Outlook forms and Excel task panes when the MS Office color scheme is changed?... Read the rest of this entry →

Complete review – Advanced Outlook Regions, part 4

In version 2009 of Add-in Express, a new property appears - RestoreFromMinimizedState. Now I will show you its behavior. Let's say, we have a minimized by default region... Read the rest of this entry →

HowTo: Identify the state and location of an Outlook form

Add-in Express 2008 allows placing several forms into one Outlook region or task pane. In addition, Add-in Express 2009 enables the end-user to drag and drop custom forms to wherever they want to (naturally, with the developer's permission). Do you need to know where your form is now and in what state? Of course, you do... Read the rest of this entry →

Add-in Express 2009 – Beta 2 drag-and-drop

It seems like after another new visual feature being added to Add-in Express 2009, our screenshots look more and more variegated. Scary variegated, I would say... Read the rest of this entry →

Add-in Express 2009 – Beta 1 Word and PowerPoint capabilities

Keeping up the development of Add-in Express most in-demand features, we tweaked the Advanced Task Panes for working on Microsoft PowerPoint and Word. Early in the morning today, I wrote the previous sentence, captured and pasted the above screenshot and realized that there is nothing more to write on this issue... Read the rest of this entry →

Add-in Express 2009 – Beta 1 what’s fixed

As compared to the previous generation, Add-in Express 2009 doesn’t contain revolutionary changes or enhancements. We have not rewritten the core code completely, the major part of the time was spent on the most in-demand features, such as Outlook view and form regions and Excel, Word and PowerPoint task panes... Read the rest of this entry →

Add-in Express 2009 – Beta 1 Excel capabilities

In addition to bug fixes, which I must admit were not too numerous, and some platform-dependent modifications and enhancements concerning Excel, we've decided to improve Advanced Excel Task Panes as well... Read the rest of this entry →

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