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Add-in Express 2009 – Beta 1 Word and PowerPoint capabilities

Keeping up the development of Add-in Express most in-demand features, we tweaked the Advanced Task Panes to work on Microsoft PowerPoint and Word.

PowerPoint task panes

Early in the morning today, I wrote the previous sentence, captured and pasted the above screenshot and realized that there’s nothing more to write on this issue :) Yes, behind that sentence there is nearly half a megabyte of code for each of the platforms (.net and VCL). Yes, this half a megabyte of code is not that simple, and because of it some of us forgot about weekends altogether. True, we didn't manage to use much of what had already worked fine for Outlook view and form regions and Excel task panes. Yes, the architecture of windows in Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook differs so much that we developed practically two new products. Yes, in addition to the difference between these four applications' windows, we considered some differences between Word and PowerPoint versions. Yes, we made the use of Word and PowerPoint task panes exactly the same as in Excel. And what? And there is nothing to write about :-)

I will just mention that a Word or PowerPoint task pane can host any number of forms, can be docked to all the four edges (left, top, bottom, right) and finally, it can be minimized:

Word task panes

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