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Add-in Express 2009 – Beta 1 Excel capabilities

In addition to bug fixes, which I must admit were not too numerous, and some platform-dependent modifications and enhancements concerning Excel, we’ve decided to improve Advanced Excel Task Panes as well.

Improved Task Panes

These improvements directly correlate with the enhancements we made in Outlook view and form regions. That’s why all that I wrote about regions portrays the Advanced Excel Task Panes improvements as well. Like for Outlook regions, the Minimize button was added to the task pane header:

Minimize button for Excel task panes

As a result, all four task panes can be now in the minimized state:

Excel task panes


  • Jordan says:

    Great work. Love the product! Any chance of a dockable advanced excel task pane in the future? Is it something you have on the radar or is it not technically feasible?

  • Andrei Smolin (Add-in Express Team) says:

    Advanced Excel task panes are docked from birth. In version 2008, the developer could specify the docking position. In version 2009, we added the ability for the user to change the docking position at run-time.

  • Armin says:

    As already pointed out: Great work!

    There is one minor issue: I have noticed that, when using a horizontal and vertical Task Pane at the same time, the vertical one obviously has precedence (i.e. the horizontal pane shrinks so that the vertical one gets fully displayed).

    Any chance to implement a feature in upcoming releases where one can define which pane has priority?


  • Andrei Smolin (Add-in Express Team) says:

    I’m afraid this problem doesn’t have a correct solution. Just think about two add-ins that have different settings.

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