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Office 365 Newswire: 5 reasons Google Docs is not ready to replace Excel – 1.27.2012

Today’s newswire is brought to you by Coffee Head Coffee Company. They don’t really exist but if they did, I have a logo and spokesman ready for them.CoffeeHead

Please excuse my silliness. I’ve been up since 2.30am just to watch a tennis match. And to call it “just a tennis match” is offensive to true tennis fans like Sveta & I. This was the 27th meeting in the most epic rivalry the game has ever seen. So yes, I took a nap then arose at 2.15am to clear the grogginess and brew some coffee.

As I write today’s newswire, I’ve already had so much coffee that I feel how Mr. CoffeeHead looks. I bet you know the feeling.

Okay then. On to the newswire!

Office 365 news

  • Our Office 365 experience (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) :: From RedmondMag.com, this is one man’s experience as he migrates his company from Google Apps to Office 365. Part 2 has the most meat while Part 3 is a good summary.
  • The imminent Word Processing bloodbath :: Google Apps? Office 365? How about IBM Docs? I’d say no thanks to IBM Docs without even taking time for cursory review. I blame my days at Coopers & Lybrand when we were forced to use Lotus 123 and Lotus Ami Pro. I kid you not when I confess that I purchased a copy of Office with my own cash. Then I authored documents with Excel and Word and then pasted them into 123 and Ami Pro. Ridiculous but true. Bet on MSFT to win this bloodbath. In the meantime, you can more views on the subject here and here.
  • The five reasons Google Docs is not ready to replace Excel :: Google Docs can be convenient in a pinch. The pinch being you’re at a buddies house and need to do some quick and dirty spreadsheet work to model the financials for your new startup idea. But if you want to do more… like build data visualizations, you might want to quickly step away from Google Docs and use the best spreadsheet tool on the planet… Microsoft Excel. Call me biased.
  • Office 365 and the future of Cloud :: I hesitated to add this item but I liked the author’s analogy. If you are new to the newswire and are working to get your head around “Office in the cloud”, be sure and read this item.
  • [Infographic] – Office 365 & small business :: This is better than the normal infographic fare. These guys tell the backstory of this infographic as well as show some variants from the final design. I found it to be quite cool but I tend to dork-out (or geek-out) with infographics.

Office 365 tips & tricks & tools

Office 365 developer news

Cutting room floor

And we’re done!

Have a great weekend.

*BTW – I received a few calls regarding before yesterday’s Office Newswire. It seems more than a few of you are concerned that maybe my brother and I don’t get along. Nothing could be further from the truth. But I am grateful for the concern.

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