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Office 365 Newswire: Microsoft Office 365 vs. Google Apps For Government – 6.8.2012

I discussed tennis in Wednesday’s Office Newswire. I even made the connection between the current Big 3 in men’s tennis to the Big 3 in software. Sveta and I were discussing this connection and she mentioned that there should be a big 4… so Microsoft could have a doubles partner.

To see what we mean, take a look at this doodle I created showing Microsoft, Apple and Google playing tennis. MSFT is lonely. They need a partner. My initial reaction to Sveta’s comment was Facebook (FB). They are a young upstart and could prove to be a great partner. I also thought of Nokia. Then my brainstorming petered out. Between these two options, I would choose FB… but I’d wait until their stock price hit $20.

The Office 365 Newswire Scoreboard is not operational today… btw. I’m working on getting it operational again.

Office 365 news & editorials!

  • Face to face: Microsoft Office 365 vs Google Apps For Government :: If the scoreboard was working today, this would be at least 1 point for Office 365. Sure Google won the US Dept. of Interior but holy cow, MSFT has won much more government business and is primed to dominate.
  • Office 365 and Exchange 15 – Exchange and Outlook Blog Blog :: If I understand what I read, Exchange 15 features are running in Office 365, “if it makes sense”. Sounds like an interesting concept… Office 365 as a testing/proving ground for the on-premise release. I think this strategy makes anyone using Office 365 a guinea pig.
  • The future of the Cloud – [Infographic] :: It’s data presented in an illustration. Wherever we think “the cloud” will be in 2015, we will be incredibly wrong. But it’s fun to try and predict.
  • Office 365 adoption increases by 400 percent in Asian SMBs :: 400% growth in the last quarters. That sounds amazing. But according to Mark Twain, statistics are the third, and most abhorrent, kind of lie. I don’t doubt MSFT is doing well in Asia, but I want to see actual numbers. Did MSFT have 100 customers and, after three months of growth, now have 400? Or are talking growth from 1,000,000 to 4,000,000? This statistic does not answer that question. Beware software vendors reporting growth using statistics. They are hiding something. My favorite sentence is the last one in this article.
  • Microsoft Office 365 for Government: Where are partners? :: I think the sooner MSFT partners figure out MSFT is changing the game and doesn’t need them as much as they did… the better it will go for them (the partners… sorry, I used too many pronouns there). Google, on the other hand, is figuring out that partners selling your product is a good thing. I’m betting MSFT figures this out.

Office 365 tips, tricks & tools

  • MOS Study Guide for Microsoft Office 365 :: Read this book, pass the test, print your certificate, and ask for a raise. If your company uses Office 365, this is a path that might increase your market value. I say “might” because I distrust software certifications.
  • Office 911: Unify domains with Office 365 :: Do you have too many email addresses for your own good? This 3 minute video will help… that is if you are using Office 365.

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