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Video HowTo: Add any .net controls to Internet Explorer toolbars (VB.NET)

Besides Explorer bar and Explorer menus, I can suggest looking into one more visual thing that can be quickly customized with Add-in Express for Internet Explorer and .net. This is IE toolbars. The zest is that you can populate an Internet Explorer toolbar with native, your custom or third-party .NET controls.

In this video sample we will show you how to add such controls as PictureBox, Button, ComboBox and DateTimePicker. We will use Add-in Express visual in-place designers and as usual in this series of Visual HowTo we will avoid much coding. The whole job is done in just 5 minutes. Let's see how it works:

This sample video was captured in Visual Studio 2008 (VB.NET) with Add-in Express 2010 for Internet Explorer and .net.

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