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Video: How to create an advanced Explorer bar in Visual Studio (Owner Draw events)

When building Internet extensions with Add-in Express for IE and .NET, one of the more popular user interface elements is the Bar. The bar extends IE’s UI and provides a solid, non-intrusive, location for forms and other elements the user can access while working with Internet Explorer in their typical manner.

Add-in Express for IE and .NET provides you with Advanced Explorer Bars. These bars, as their name suggests, are advanced and offer more features than standard bars. One such feature is the support for Owner Draw events. Responding to owner draw events allows you to respond to an advanced bar’s display changes and alter the drawing, or rendering, of the advanced bar. A good example is changing the advanced bar’s header text, color, and icon depending on the bar’s layout position. As luck would have it, that’s exactly the demo in this video.

Give this video and viewing and learn something new about developing IE plug-ins. It’s 15 minutes you won't get back but you’ll better off for it.

You can find more information about Advanced IE Bars in the Developer Guide.

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