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Upcoming Add-in Express releases – Q&A

This is the third part of the series explaining how we are going to support the next Office and Visual Studio by the upcoming releases. If you missed the first two parts, here they are: Part 1: How Visual Studio 2012 will be supported and Part 2: How to support Office 2013 in your ADX based projects.

And now I will try to answer the most often asked questions.

Which products will be released?

We are going to release the new versions of the following products: Add-in Express for Office and .net and Add-in Express for Office and Delphi VCL. However, please note that our cornerstone product, Add-in Express for Office and .net, comes out first.


Add-in Express for Office (.net and Delphi) will have been published by August 31.

What about previous Office versions?

100% compatibility with Office 2000, XP, 2003, 2007 and 2010. As well as with Office 2013 :)

What about VS 2005, 2008 and 2010?

100% supported. You can use VS 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2012 for all Office versions. BTW, maybe VS2005 is outdated? :)

What do you need in order to support Office 2013?

In Visual Studio 2005 – 2010, you will need to install the new Add-in Express, rebuild your project and deploy it to machines with Office 2013.

In Visual Studio 2012, you will need to install the new ADX, add a new setup project based on WiX or InstallShield (see my previous post How Visual Studio 2012 will be supported by the coming releases), rebuild your project and deploy it to machines with Office 2013.

How to get the new version?

First, you have to wait a bit, at least until August 31 :) Everyone who has an active subscription and qualifies for a free upgrade will get as soon as the new version is out. All others simply need to renew your subscription.

We need your feedback!

Just send me an email or post a comment below. I am keen to know what you think!


  • Josh Sale says:

    I know its too much to ask for … we would certainly appreciate anything you can do in this next release of ADX to allow it to co-exist on the same machine with the previous version. We will need to continue to support earlier versions of our product that are built upon the earlier versions of ADX at the same time that we need to start working on our next version that is built on this latest version of ADX in order to pick up support for Office 2013.

    You would be our heros!

  • Eugene Starostin says:

    Hi Josh,

    What an interesting task you set for us! :) We definitely won’t be able to add this feature to the coming release. But I promise that we will take on this issue right after the release. And we can find any way acceptable for everyone, I’ll let you know.

    May I ask you a few questions, please?

    1. Do you have several VS versions installed on the machine?
    2. Do you need to use different ADX versions in all VSs?
    3. In general, can you describe the developer environment acceptable for you?

    Thank you!

  • Rex Chan says:

    After I read office 2013 development strategy, write once can deploy application or web.
    Do you have any idea to create a new project or product ADX for Web in future ?

    Thanks for ADX !

  • Eugene Starostin says:

    Hi Rex,

    Thank you for your comment. At the moment we are not certain that we will be able to create a smart and effective wrapper over the Office Common API and Office Apps. There are too many limitations. Is this what you are asking for? :)

  • Rex Chan says:

    Sure what i want to ask ! How about Office Web App (OWA)? Due to lack of resource how to customize OWA, i think that outlook 2013 web app allow developer easily to develop owa addon.


  • Eugene Starostin says:


    > How about Office Web App (OWA)?

    Working on this. Cannot make any promises because now we are on the low-level researching stage. For us, OWA is all around the next Office 365 :)

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