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Office Newswire: All about Outlook.com – Microsoft’s new Metro style email service

The power of momentum is underrated. If Momentum were an element, it would have a force similar to two Hs and 1 O. Also, if it were an element, its symbol would be MOJO. It would reside between at the end of the table as it is (I’m moving away from theoretic now and discussing MOJO as a reality) one of the most unpredictable elements.

MOJO can be lost in a moment’s notice and take years to see it return. But as quickly as it is lost, it can return. And when it does return, it can return in a big, big way. I know I have said it a few times here in the Office Newswire but I’ll say it again… I believe Microsoft’s MOJO has returned and that it is big. In fact, it is growing as we see from yesterday’s news about Outlook.com and the over 1,000,000 signups on its first day.

Welcome to the Outlook.com Preview

It’s a great time for Office enthusiasts. I’m hoping Outlook.com allows users to purchase apps from an app store. That would rock.

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All about Outlook.com

Outlook.com caught us all by surprise. How the heck is Microsoft preventing leaks these days? It’s impressive. And, it’s fun to be surprised. In his Office 2013 announcement two weeks ago, Mr. Ballmer stated that they had a lot more news to follow. He wasn’t lying.

Here is a smattering of articles that will tell you all there is to know at the moment.

Office developer items of note

Cutting room floor

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