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Office 2013 add-ins & Visual Studio 2012: Getting started for VSTO developers

So you've been using Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) for some time now and luckily you've discovered a better and easier way to develop Office add-ins, namely Add-in Express. Ready to start a new happier life of creating awesome Office Outlook extensions you excitedly fire up Visual Studio and hit File, New Project... Read the rest of this entry →

Creating a shared ribbon for Office 2013: Word, Excel and PowerPoint

In this article, I want to show you how can create single Microsoft Office 2013 and 2010 ribbon and share it with Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. This scenario is one of many where Add-in Express shines. Using the Add-in Express framework, you can easily build a shared ribbon in a matter of minutes. Best of all, you can also quickly configure your controls to display (or not to display) in the Office host applications your add-in targets... Read the rest of this entry →

Customizing Outlook 2010 and 2013 Ribbon tabs, buttons, groups: C#, VB.NET

The Ribbon revolutionized the Office user interface when originally introduced in Office 2007. Using Visual Studio's out-of-the-box tools, you can build custom Ribbon's for your solutions. BUT… Microsoft provides visual designers for a small subset of ribbon controls. Meaning, you will need to write lots of XML to complete your customization ... Read the rest of this entry →

Office Newswire: Should Office become the operating system?

Because Microsoft has thrust upon us new version of Windows and Office, there is a lot of prognosticating by those who make a living prognosticating. When it comes to predicting the future, I believe the best advice is to do what the best weather people (man or woman) do... Read the rest of this entry →

Creating modular Office add-ins using Add-in Express

When creating a new Office extension with Add-in Express for Office and .net you have the option to design your entire add-in user interface using our visual designers, by simply dropping the various components on the design surface of the AddinModule. This is fine for most Office add-ins especially when you do not require a [...]... Read the rest of this entry →

Office Newswire: Did Microsoft Sin(ofsky)? + Office for iOS Rumors are true! ++ Yammer: What’s its impact?

I appreciate lots of things about life. I’ll skip the normal stuff of family and friends… they’re a given. I’ll also skip fine wine, scotch, and a good steak. They are great and are best enjoyed with friends. But they are not germane to this post. Something that is germane and has to do with enjoying life is... Read the rest of this entry →

HowTo: Create add-ins for Office 2007, 2010 and 2013 with a shared ribbon tab

Office developers need to merge the UI of their add-ins into a single ribbon tab. Just imagine the following scenario: a user wants to install a few COM add-ins from the same vendor. Are they going to get a separate ribbon tab for each add-in's UI?... Read the rest of this entry →

Creating WiX setup project for Office add-ins on Visual Studio 2012 using Add-in Express

If you've switched to Visual Studio 2012, you might have noticed that Microsoft has sneakily removed all Visual Studio Installer project types. Instead of the usual Setup Project, Setup Wizard, CAB Project and Merge Module Project templates, the only option we now have is to use the limited edition of InstallShield.... Read the rest of this entry →

Office 365 Newswire: Is On-Premises software a thing of the past?

“Your eyes our bigger than your stomach”. – Any Parent My parents told me this all the time. I would load my plate full of food at dinner only to achieve a full tummy before I could eat it all (I still, miraculously, had room for dessert). This tendency still afflicts me only not so [...]... Read the rest of this entry →

Office Newswire: Office is now the Netflix of productivity suites

Office as a Service (OaaS) has officially arrived. It was inevitable really. In fact, just last year I updated the “List of Things that 100% Certain in Life” to include item #3: monthly software fees. I was just trying to be silly but it looks like I was more right than I was wrong. The [...]... Read the rest of this entry →

Office Newswire: Will the new Office developer model be successful?

I’ve been thinking about The Tablet Wars and how the market is changing. Yes, there have been lots of changes already. But these changes are overwhelming due to a single product… the iPad. Apple has enjoyed a big lead because they took the risk to create a tablet device based on the iPhone. The press [...]... Read the rest of this entry →

Office Newswire: Next Office – click-to-run and Office on demand

I am very interested in Windows RT because it offers the most battery life. I don't want to re-charge this tablet device during the day. I want to put in a full days's work and charge it at night. I've been curious to know what, if any, differences there will be for Office 2013 for WinRT. ... Read the rest of this entry →

Office Newswire: All about – Microsoft’s new Metro style email service

I know I have said it a few times here in the Office Newswire but I'll say it again. I believe Microsoft's MOJO has returned and that it is big. In fact, it is growing as we see from yesterday's news about and the over 1,000,000 signups on its first day... Read the rest of this entry →

Office Newswire: Can Microsoft Office 2013 become a cash cow for developers?

I think the news coverage surrounding Office 2013 is setting a record. I don’t remember this much news for previous releases. No, it has nothing to do with my age thank you very much. I think it has something to do with the overall level of expectation and enthusiasm regarding the upcoming release... Read the rest of this entry →

Support for Office 2013 and Visual Studio 2012 coming soon

For the last few days we have received quite a lot of questions with one prevailing theme - When are you going to add support for Office 2013? The first one arrived a few hours after Microsoft had published Office 2013 CP and put a smile on our faces: Office 2013 has been out for a few hours and there is no update yet?... Read the rest of this entry →

Office Newswire: Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference news – 7.11.2012

It's Worldwide Partner Conference (WWPC) Week. Next to Tech Ed, this is probably Microsoft's largest conference of the year. WWPC is for the marketing & sales peeps. I've never attended it and I don't really ever want to. I prefer Tech Ed and PDC... Read the rest of this entry →

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