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Office Newswire: Office 2013 Service Pack 1 offers new features for developers

Hey hey… after a year+ of Office 2013 and Office 365, we have reached the SP1 milestone! This means businesses all over the world now think Office 2013 is suitable for the business. I argue it already but that’s the joke about Microsoft releases isn’t it?

Whatever… that’s Okay if that’s how your IT-admin types want to play it.

Anyway, what’s in SP1 that makes it so awesome? Well, there are the typical bug fixes and compatibility support for Windows, etc. But for us Office developer types, the big news is the there are new features for developers!

What new features? Umm, we don’t know yet but we will very soon (as I explain in one of the links below).

Office News you might have missed whiling living your life

Office is doomed unless [insert your reason]

I like to pay attention to naysayers predicting the demise of Office. The comments follow a pattern that goes like this:

“Office is doomed! Doomed, I say! Unless Microsoft…
[releases an iPad version | supports a web version | lowers the price | pays us to use it].”

These headlines and related articles always ignore the gigantic Office user base. This user base likes Office and plans to continue using it. I’m not saying Office is not in danger. I’m just saying the reasons stated tend to be silly link-bait.

Here are few articles related to how Office must and will change because, well, the iPad, etc.

  • Microsoft Office on iPad: It’s alive and coming sooner than most think :: If you think I can write an Office newswire without including at least one item from Mary Jo Foley… you’d be incorrect. 6776I have a journalistic crush on her. I mean, just look at her sources! How does she do it?!
  • Office on the iPad is a Product Absolutely Nobody Needs :: Oh yeah?! I bet I can find at least one person who needs this product. Okay, I admit it. It’s me. I’ve been using the Office Newswire to state this will happen. I want… I need to write! Thus, this headline is incorrect. My needs aside, who the heck writes documents and spreadsheets using an iPad?
  • Office is the only thing that can kill a Chromebook :: Just what world do these tech journalists live in? Are they part of the MultiPlex; live in nearby universe where people create content using feature-poor pieces-of-junk called Chromebooks? The "Office problem” is not the only thing preventing wide spread adoption of Chromebooks. Adobe is a problem for them too. I bet I can think of others.
  • Why the Microsoft Office Ribbon is still rubbish :: After all these years, the ribbon continues to elicit strong opinions (and great headlines).

Parting Comment

  • Satya Nadella email to employees on first day as CEO :: Last of all, Microsoft has a new sheriff. If you earn a living by working with Microsoft products and technologies, it’s a good idea to know the Micrsoft CEO is thinking. Mr. Ballmer finally stepped down and Mr. Nadella now has the reigns. He has things to say and we need to pay attention.

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