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Office Newswire: Did Microsoft Sin(ofsky)? + Office for iOS Rumors are true! ++ Yammer: What’s its impact?

I appreciate lots of things about life. I’ll skip the normal stuff of family and friends… they’re a given. I’ll also skip fine wine, scotch, and a good steak. They are great and are best enjoyed with friends. But they are not germane to this post. Something that is germane and has to do with enjoying life is…

Good writing… and…
Great wit.

This is why I had to include this recent Dilbert cartoon.

Dilbert cartoon

Are you kidding me? The Ugly Truth personified and telling Mr. Ballmer how it is? Not only is it funny, it succinctly communicates the point. Genius.

By the way, I don’t mind admitting that I aspire to both (good writing and great wit). It is my hope that today’s Office Newswire adds to the enjoyment of your “today”.

Sinofsky has left the building

  • How Steven Sinofsky changed Microsoft, for better and for worse :: I’ll start with a positive review of Sinofsky’s tenure. If he were at Apple, his name would be Steve Jobs. But he isn’t at Apple so his “let’s do this together my way” methodology has him hitting the road… Hobo style.
  • Sinofsky Departure: Sign of Microsoft Civil War? :: You think? I’ll bet my Thanksgiving turkey Sinofsky departure is due to hurt feelings and jealousy. Any takers?
  • For Windows developers, Sinofsky’s legacy is fragmentation and frustration :: I agree that the Windows developer landscape is a mess. Yes, it’s fragmented. BUT… what we really see are fault lines. Underneath these fault lines are slow-moving tectonic plates. Change is occurring but not as fast as you think. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Windows had to change. The iPad changed computing. Soooo… to think we could just sit back and write .NET code until retirement is just crazy talk. That was never going to happen.

Office for iOS


Okay, from here on out, I’ll comment if I feel like it… .

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