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Office 365 Newswire: Welcome to Visual Studio 11 Beta and .NET Framework 4.5 – 3.2.2012

This week in Seattle is coming to a close. I have one more day here in (it is almost never) Sunny Seattle! I’ve been here for the MVP Summit and it’s been a good one. I can’t talk about any of the session content… I wish I could but we’ll just have to wait. I’ll be ready with thoughts and opinions when the time is right.

One of the great things about the MVP Summit is hob-nobbing with other developers… particularly anyone that develops with the Office platform. I typically think of myself as an Office Developer, even when doing non-Office-related projects. It’s part of me. I like Office and like to build cool solutions with it. Heck, my twitter handle is @OfficeDeveloper.

After sitting in several sessions this week with other Office MVPs, I realized I am not as vocal as some (but I do my best to make up for it here at the Newswire).

There are some serious opinions within our community! These opinions are rooted in the love held for Office development technologies like VBA, Access, COM, and more. This is cool. Office has a great history of extensibility and Office developers know how to use it.

In fact, we are a tenacious bunch that can typically trick-out Office in ways that are super-impressive to our users and to our peers. So here’s to you Office developers out there. Keep making it happen. I hope today’s newswire helps you form a few opinions today.

Office 365 news & editorials

  • Microsoft to offer government-only cloud option for Office 365 :: I should have seen this coming as it makes sense. Governments have their own peculiar regulations and methods. So it really was just a matter of time until government-specific cloud offering was offered. Good idea MSFT. I believe in separation of government and business.
  • Decide now: is SharePoint in the cloud for you? :: Well… is it? Decide now! Do it! Do it now! Right now! This very instant! Did you decide? No? Well you must have trouble making decisions. Lucky for you, this article exists to help you decide now… it’s that important.
  • Paying and saving with Office 365 :: From Office Watch, a good article discussing something we developer-types don’t think about at first pass… the accounting details. This article provides some insight into what you need to know when converting your trial Office 365 account into a paid account.
  • Microsoft is set to break out :: One word: Mojo. Microsoft should create a new application and call it Mojo in honor of their rediscovering themselves. I think it should do something really cool like take your picture and make you look cool… like Jimi Hendrix or Bob Dylan or Mick Jagger or The Edge. Hmmmm… . This article does not delve into ridiculous app ideas caused by sleep deprivation. No, they make several financial points as to why MSFT stock is a good buy.

Office 365 developer & IT admin items

  • Welcome to the Beta of Visual Studio 11 and .NET Framework 4.5 :: Ready or not, it’s time to start working with a new version of Visual Studio. It’s not a requirement since this is just a beta release but it is fun to take it for spin and receive a glimpse of where MSFT is taking the next release. This is Jason Zander’s post regarding the beta. I figure it is the most relevant since he is the Corp VP for Visual Studio. I’m not sure how I feel about the color scheme and the icons but I will not mention it because I feel for judging the beta by its colors. I’m trying to focus on the features and not the design.

Visual Studio 11 Beta

Cutting Room Floor (new stuff to download!)

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