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Office Newswire: Is Microsoft killing Windows for the sake of Office? – 2.29.2012

February 29th is an odd day. Some people treat it like a free day, an extra day that doesn’t really count. They take off work and do something they don’t normally have time to do. Like try a new hobby or take a nap.

Me? I’m travelling this week to sunny Seattle, Washington, USA. My experience here is unusual in that Seattle is typically sunny when I am here. Today, however, I’m finding Seattle to be just as everyone says it is… cold, grey, and raining. I don’t mind. I think this place is beautiful. Mt. Rainier is breathtaking even if you can’t see its summit. There is water, hills, mountains, snow… and everything is so clean!

I have several meetings to attend this morning so the newswire is a bit abbreviated. I hope you don’t mind.

Office news & editorials

  • Microsoft’s next Steve: Windows boss faces biggest test :: This item included here because Mr. Sinofsky is a big reason for the success of Microsoft Office. He’s now running Windows, which, as rumor has it… has a few big changes in the next release. Who is this creative genius and will he be the next leader of MSFT? What is SINOFSKY-IZATION? Well you got it, read it to find out.
  • Is Microsoft killing Windows for the sake of Office? :: All this talk about Office on the iPad, Office 365, & Office 15 is big enough. Combine it with the fact that the Office division now earns more revenue than the Windows division and you have tech journalists wondering aloud… which will MSFT choose?

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