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Office Newswire: Visual Studio 11 lineup announced – 5.23.2012

Attention! Today’s newswire is brought to you by the recent Facebook billionaire… Paul Hewson… aka Bono. I’m listening to Achtung Baby as I type the newswire this morning. I think this album just gets better with age… like a fine wine… etc.

Isn’t it about time for a new U2 album? C’mon guys, it’s approaching 5 years since the last one! Okay it’s been 3… but it seems longer than that. Before I continue I must pause to grab more coffee. I’m worked up already and I’ve only written a few sentences. When I return, we’ll dig right in…

Office news & editorials!

  • Free yourself from the tyranny of SharePoint :: For your intranet needs, should you use WordPress instead of SharePoint? I don’t know… maybe. Definitely not WordPress out-of-the-box. It is lighter weight than SharePoint and the price is great. How about I keep using both? I like them both very much but for different reasons. I love the article title btw.
  • Visual Studio Live! Keynote addresses ‘Developer of the Future’ :: In the future there will be robots… but for now, let us ponder and discuss the future role of developers. The author of this article states “[Developers need to] find an area of expertise but leave room for working knowledge of a broad set of adjacent technologies, languages and frameworks.” That’s right, become a software development generalist and create, create, create!
  • How Microsoft lost the future :: The author takes his time and gives lots of facts. In the end he lays the blame on S___ B___. All the cool hipsters do it.
  • Doug’s Mailbag: Ballmer bashing justified? :: Probably. He’s no Bill Gates and one can coast only so long. But to be fair, Mr. Ballmer’s tenure as CEO has been quite successful. You can’t call him a failure and keep your credibility.
  • Open source suites go beyond Microsoft Office :: Any of you out there use these open source office suites? Every now and then I install one of them, try to create a document with them, curse a lot, uninstall it, and return Microsoft Office. It’s been so long since I did this I just might need to go through the cycle again. Maybe I’ll try LibreOffice but I’ll know how it will end.

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