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Office 365 Newswire: Great Ars Cloud Office suite shootout – 5.25.2012

Boy, we do have a Newswire for you today. It’s jam-packed with great content covering our favorite cloud-based productivity suite.

I’m all over this today!
Momentum is on our side!
Let’s do this, what do you say?
Don’t swim against the tide.

Sometimes I break out in rhyme. But not all of the time. When I do it’s not a crime. Unless I mime. Okay… I’ll stop. Let’s go to it. There is much to cover. BTW – today’s typing was accompanied by Pop music… a rather controversial yet excellent album.

Office 365 news & editorials!

Office 365 tips, tricks & tools

  • Office 365 virtual labs for IT Pros :: Technet getting into the action by publishing some virtual labs that will help you prepare a move to the Office cloud. These videos cover how to prep your company to move from on-premise Exchange to online version. Scary words like Active Directory, Identity management, and federation can be found all over this page. These words make IT Pros purrs. To this developer, it’s like water on a cat.
  • Personalize the OWA URL for Office 365 :: It can be done. All that is required is a bit of DNS voodoo/wizardry.
  • Find the right Office 365 service plan for your business [Slideshow] :: This is a slideshow that shows you how to use the Plan Advisor. I think you can skip the slideshow and go straight to the plan advisor. But maybe I give you too much credit?Metro screenie
  • Metro-styled master page for Office 365 SharePoint Online :: Metro is becoming a big deal. It might already be a big deal. The next version just might include some metro-ish stylings. If the Windows 8 is any indication, Metro will be part of all future MSFT software releases. If you want metro for your SharePoint Online site, well, you are in luck.

Office 365 developer items of note

Office 365 score keeping

I didn’t want to lead with the score board today.

Office 365 Newswire ScoreBoard

I’m looking for more points for Google. But… either Google Apps is not winning accounts or Google’s marketing stinks. MSFT’s marketing is in high gear.

Cutting room floor

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