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HowTo: Drag and drop onto a minimized Outlook Region and Word Task Pane

In one of the previous posts, we examined the possibilities of retrieving properties from Outlook MailItem when dragging this item onto your custom form. Here is that post: How to get properties of an Outlook email item drag-and-dropped onto a .NET form. But what if the Advanced Region is in a Minimized state? In this case the form is hidden and none of the standard events will work.

Starting from version 5.1, a new event is available in Add-in Express – ADXDragOverMinimized. Using this event you can access a dragged item and expand the form. The code of the sample is very plain indeed, and I am not going to publish it here. You can download the samples using the links at the end of this post.

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Available downloads:

C# sample Outlook and Word add-in for VS 2005
VB.NET sample Outlook and Word add-in for VS 2005
Delphi 7 sample Outlook and Word add-in

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