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Developers wanted for Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer and Outlook Express projects

This post is in all respects different form all others that I've ever written. It is not an announcement of a new release or a built. On this page you will neither find a description of new features, nor tips and tricks. It is an invitation, or rather a proposal.

If you do programming for Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer or Outlook Express and have some experience in copywriting, then take a minute to read this page to the end. I bet you will never regret you did.

We have created a diverse family of development tools for .NET, VCL and VSTO platforms. We put much effort and soul into them. I can assure you these are excellent products that we are really proud of.

Some time ago we started this blog to tell developers about the new really unique features of our products. We also wanted to demonstrate stupendous abilities of our tools that have already helped hundreds of our customers win contracts. But, we have limited resources and are always short of time.

Aha, now I am getting close to the point. Here is our proposal:

We give you any of our development tools for free, you create a project and write about it.

What do you get?

  • A Premium package of any Add-in Express product of your choice.
  • Payment for the work you do for us.

What do you do for us in return?

  • Create a nontrivial project using any Add-in Express product. It may be a project for any Office application, Internet Explorer or Outlook Express.
  • Write a story, you may call it an article or a post, in which you describe the idea of your project, development process, you may share your impressions of our product, or give some pieces of advice to other developers. In fact, all is up to you. You will have full control over your story: content, layout, size etc. The only necessary condition is that it provides valuable and interesting information to our readers.
  • Send your story to us for publishing on this blog. Of course, you may also publish your project on your blog or a web-site.

Well, I think that's all. If you decide to profit from this proposal, use this form to contact me and I am sure we'll make a bargain.

Andrei Smolin
Add-in Express Team Leader

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