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Video HowTo: Create advanced task panes in Excel, Word and PowerPoint (Delphi)

As you probably know Add-in Express for Office and VCL allows creating advanced task panes for MS Excel, Word and PowerPoint 2000-2010. Today we'll develop a single add-in project that supports Excel, Word and PowerPoint... Read the rest of this entry →

Office 2010 RTM and Visual Studio 2010 RTM fully supported by Add-in Express 2010 Beta 2

I know for sure that quite an impressive number of our customers (about 2 thousands) are already using the previous beta to their utmost. To all of them as well as to those of you who received the keys but haven't thought yet about the compatibility with Office 2010, I recommend installing beta 2. And here is why... Read the rest of this entry →

Video HowTo: Develop Outlook add-in with custom command bars and ribbon tabs (Delphi)

Today we'll develop an add-in for Outlook 2000 - 2007 in Delphi 2009. We are not going to create anything super complex, I will just show you how to work with our visual components at design-time and how it looks in Outlook at run-time... Read the rest of this entry →

Outlook 2010 Fast Shutdown feature

Microsoft first attempted to fix at one fling all bugs of all programs and programmers that use the Outlook Object Model when releasing SP2 for Outlook 2007. That attempt was not very successful, and Outlook 2007 SP2 may hang in memory when shutting down the same as all previous Outlook versions. Their second attempt appeared to be much more successful... Read the rest of this entry →

Add-in Express 2010 for Office becomes free for Standard packages

Until now only subscribers of Professional and Premium packages could be sure of their cloudless future with Add-in Express and confident that their Add-in Express based extensions would work consistently with Office 2010, 32- and 64-bit (naturally, the latter is only for .net). "Why so?" you may ask... Read the rest of this entry →

Just two screenshots

Do not look for this in beta 1! :)... Read the rest of this entry →

Advanced Office task panes and Office 2010 – first view

Advanced Office task panes in Office 2010 have no principle differences from those of any other Office versions, they just work and that's it. That's why this subject is so arid, that I won't get back to it anymore. However, after scrutinizing all the above screenshots, I see that we will definitely ennoble certain "pixels"... Read the rest of this entry →

Create custom Outlook 2010 view and form programmatically

Right after publishing our first beta we sent out about two thousand registration keys to everyone who according to our license policy is eligible for free major upgrades. Since then we've got some quite positive feedback, but as I see, most of our customers traditionally ignore anything containing the word "beta" in version info... Read the rest of this entry →

Add-in Express 2010 for Office (.net and VCL) Beta 1 is published

This is again reposting of the newsletter that we sent out a few days ago. In the previous newsletter I promised to disturb you again only after publishing beta 1 of our flagship product – Add-in Express 2010 for Office. The time has come, but first I will tell an interesting story again, and then proceed to our news... Read the rest of this entry →

Technical Evangelist, Add-in Express 2010 for IE and news from “office” fields

This post is in fact a copy of the newsletter that I sent out yesterday. I have to admit the newsletter was quite a success and brought the results much better than I had hoped for :) But let's not put the cart before the horse, first comes a story... Read the rest of this entry →

Visual Studio 2010, Office 2010 and Add-in Express 2010

Every time when I set about to write on some topic like this, I am torn by internal strife - whether to develop a theme in such a major-marketing tone, so characteristic of bravura press-releases that have already flooded web-sites of component vendors, or simply publish a post on the blog... Read the rest of this entry →

HowTo: Register your MS Office add-in with WiX

If you are using Microsoft’s WiX toolset to build a setup for your Add-In, then there are several ways to register the Add-In. I’ve seen examples that use a custom action to call RegSvr32.exe to do the registration. But since RegSvr32.exe does nothing more than calling the DllRegisterServer function of our Add-In, why not calling that directly from a custom action?... Read the rest of this entry →

Add-in Express for Office – Generation 2010 roadmap

We started Generation 2010 in November, 2009 and even had time to release Add-in Express 2010 for Internet Explorer. As for "Office", for quite a long time there have been more questions than answers. And, quite naturally, we've been dependent not only on the plans of Microsoft but Embarcadero's schedule as well... Read the rest of this entry →

Add-in Express upgrade policy

After we had sent out the newsletter about Generation 2010 of Add-in Express (Add-in Express 2010 for Internet Explorer is the first swallow : -), I received a few questions about our upgrade policy. Well, I will try to formalize this issue here... Read the rest of this entry →

The Old New Year 2010 and Add-in Express 2010 for Internet Explorer

A period of more than 3 centuries when our country was part of Russia brought to our initially West-European culture lots of things habitual for Eurasian culture. Now we celebrate with the same passion Catholic Christmas, New Year, Orthodox Christmas and finally the Old New Year... Read the rest of this entry →

Office Alarm – Office Live Add-in and Word 2003

Strange things mentioned in my previous post continue to happen. To the bug successfully fixed in the Office Live Add-in on Excel 2007, there's added a nasty and so far no-solution problem with the same add-in, this time on Word 2003... Read the rest of this entry →

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