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Announcing two new “Power Toys” for Outlook

While our Add-in Express Toys illustrate how to use our framework to build add-ins in general (the current samples are for Outlook, Excel, Word and Internet Explorer), our new super-premium high-octane (but still FREE!) Add-in Express Power Toys go one step further by adding missing functionality to our favourite Office applications! The first two Power Toys to kick off this new line essentially make Outlook “go to 11“… J

Even better than our traditional Toys, Power Toys not only have the source code for VB.NET and C#, but we also provide a ready to go installation package. We love our developers, but if you’re just a fan or a power user who loves to play with the latest and greatest add-ins – well, we’re not excluding you from having fun! No compiler needed, just download and install!

Show Containing Folder Outlook Add-in Power Toy

This sample add-in demonstrates how to add an Advanced Form Region to the read message window for e-mail items. It also adds some much needed missing functionality to Outlook. Have you ever looked at an open e-mail and lost track of which folder you opened it from? I don’t know about you, but it happens to me all the time (as a band aid solution, I once wrote a VBA macro to open the containing folder in a new window; not very elegant though). Unfortunately, Outlook doesn’t display the name (or path) of the folder that actually contains the message anywhere in the window. Now, with this Power Toy, you’ll see the name of the folder plus the full folder path, which you can click to make that folder active in the main Outlook window. Supergreatcool!

Show Containing Folder Outlook Add-in

Installation package:
VB.NET source code:
C# source code:

More about the Show Containing Folder Outlook Add-in

Navigation Pane+ Outlook Add-in Power Toy

Here’s a sample add-in that shows how you can create an Advanced Form Region underneath the Navigation Pane (for Outlook XP to 2010). But that’s not all! This Power Toy is especially valuable for Outlook 2010 because the ability to display the list of Views inside the Navigation Pane has been removed – and now we’ve put it back! The region also contains another Subfolders tab which displays a list of subfolders for the current folder. Why? Well, in Outlook 2010, if you are looking at the Mail module view of the Navigation Pane and you click a folder in your Favorites list (assuming you have your Favorites list displayed), there’s no way to view a list of subfolders for the current folder without scrolling to that folder and selecting it in the folder navigator. I don’t know about you, but that makes me ANGRY. J

Here’s our region, showing the list of Views:

List of Outlook Views

And displaying subfolders:

List of Outlook subfolders in the current folder

Installation package:
C# source code:
VB.NET source code:

More about the Navigation Pane + Outlook Add-in

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