Sample add-ins for Outlook developers
with source code in VB.NET, C#

Add-in Express Power Toys™

While our Add-in Express Toys illustrate how to use our framework to build add-ins in general, our new Add-in Express Power Toys go one step further by adding missing functionality to our favorite Office applications! They are available for download with complete source code in VB.NET and C#.

Show Containing Folder Outlook Add-in

This Power Toy add-in demonstrates how to add an Advanced Form Region to the read message window for e-mail items. It lets you see the name of the folder plus the full folder path, which you can click to make that folder active in the main Outlook window.

Navigation Pane+ Outlook Add-in

This sample add-in shows how you can create an Advanced Form Region underneath the Navigation Pane for Outlook. With this Power Toy, you'll see a list of the current folder wiews in the Outlook Navigation Pane and a list of subfolders for the current folder.

Need sample add-ins for other hosts?

Please let us know if you have any ideas for other host applications. We will see if we can bring them to life.