Outlook add-in / plugin examples,
Excel & Word samples with source code

Add-in Express Toys™
Sample add-ins with source code

To show general techniques of creating COM Add-ins for Outlook, Excel, Word and add-ons for Internet Explorer we have developed several sample add-ins / plugins. We called these code examples Add-in Express Toys.

Note. All these sample Microsoft Outlook add-ins, Excel and Word addins as well as IE add-on (except the Power Toys) do not include binaries and you need Add-in Express to compile them.

Sample Outlook add-in

This example shows how to create Outlook COM add-ins, add command bars and custom ribbon tabs to Outlook Explorer and Inspector windows, get access to Outlook objects and handle their events. The add-in works in Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, and lower. It is developed for .NET and Delphi VCL platforms and is available for download with the complete source code.

The add-in lets you get the Internet headers and the body of a selected item and explains general approaches to programming Outlook add-ins on Add-in Express.

Sample Excel add-in

These Excel samples are developed for Visual Studio .NET and Delphi VCL. It shows how to create Excel COM add-ins, add command bars, get access to Excel objects such as ranges, cells and their values. Also, the add-in shows how to handle Excel events such as SelectionChange.

The add-in adds its own command bar that gives one-click access to the functionality hidden by default.

Sample Word add-in

This Word add-in illustrates how Add-in Express supports Microsoft Word. The Word add-in adds a custom ribbon tab or command bar, uses Word objects such as ranges and allows you to highlight any source code you add to Word documents.

Sample Internet Explorer add-on

This IE add-on shows how to use Add-in Express features to extend the Internet Explorer capabilities. This sample add-on for IE6 - IE10 can search across all IE windows and tabs, highlight search results in any color and navigate through them with a double mouse click. The add-in is developed for .NET (VB, C#).

Need sample add-ins for other hosts?

Please let us know if you have any ideas for other host applications. We are sure to fulfill your ideas if it takes us no more than two or three days.